Don’t be that person

Credit : Zsolt Zsemba and Farhan Abas

Welcome to Bali. It has been a few years since we have seen you. Please come and enjoy Bali, but before you run off, let’s have a chat.  

Now that you are allowed back, there are a few things that we would love for you to think about. While some businesses have survived, the word survived is used very loosely, some businesses failed. While others have worked hard to stay alive and are going to welcome you with open arms and a big smile. 

Business is still slow in Kuta

Kuta is still a ghost town, no one will run after you as they did in the old days. While we were all annoyed by the many locals calling out… Transport mister? Transport or massage mister? Taxis honking at you regularly. What we need to keep in mind is that those days are gone for now. We hope that Bali will be resurrected to its formal self. We move forward with hope and prosperity in mind. 

Businesses and individuals have suffered greatly and the last thing that is needed back in Bali is the rude, loudmouth, ignorant Bule/Foreigner.  

Bali appreciates tourism, welcomes first-timers and seasoned travellers. What is not needed in Bali are the impolite foreigners that put down, talk down to and generally belittle the local hospitality staff.  

Empathy and compassion

Views, views and more views!

Please understand that many locals have lost businesses, livelihoods and family members to the pandemic. Some have had their possessions repossessed, cars, scooters and houses. COVID19 and its variants have changed the world forever. When you arrive in Bali and visit the local establishments, hotels, malls and do your general sightseeing please keep in mind the locals.  

Traffic may be less of a hassle, lineups for most restaurants do not exist, reservations will be needed. Please remember, the human in humanity needs to be top of mind, now more than ever. Compassion, tips, a warm smile and kindness are what is needed, not just in Bali, but all around us. Bali is Bali, Indonesia is still Indonesia and there are the Indonesian ways. Pack your patience, pack your sense of humour and pack a good dose of empathy along with sympathy.  

 You may depart now and run wild and free on the Island of the Gods. Oh wait, the mask, yes put on your mask, please. 

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