Power Property Update

There have been considerable changes in the world as of late. The turmoil of COVID19, the war in Russia have painted a grim picture of the world. Yet here we are coming onto spring and summer or fall and winter […]
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Don’t be that person

Welcome to Bali. It has been a few years since we have seen you. Please come and enjoy Bali, but before you run off, let’s have a chat.   Now that you are allowed back, there are a few things that […]
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bali property 2022

Bali property in 2022

As the visitors slowly trickle into Bali, the property sales, rentals and hotel bookings will certainly increase. The travellers and the property owners need to understand that this does not mean that things are back to normal.  The situation is still uncertain. The […]
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Are you ready to visit Bali?

Are you ready to visit Bali? Prayers must have been answered. Bali is ready to open its doors to the world once more! For the diehard traveller, there is no better news than to visit Bali, the Island of the […]
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OWNERSHIP TITLES INDONESIA AND UNDERSTANDING HOW TO BECOME A PROPERTY OWNER IN BALI EXPLAINED 1. HAK MILIK/FREEHOLD TITLE Hak Milik Freehold is the most complete and strongest form of land title ownership in Indonesia. Only individuals of Indonesian Nationality are entitled to own […]
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Investing in Bali Property During Covid-19

Investing in property in Bali has been a lucrative way of generating cash flow for the past ten years and improving your investment portfolio for so many seeking secondary homes, holiday homes or just investments opportunities for development. Currently, the […]
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Vendor Investment Terms

Vendor Investment Terms: Fantastic Opportunity to purchase Luxury Villas in Bali now as Vendors are open to offering Investment Terms. What are Vendor Investment Terms? In a nut shell you as the buyer are now able to finance certain properties […]
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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FREEHOLD TAX When buying and selling land and buildings, both the buyer and seller will be taxed. The seller will be subject to income tax (PPh) on the payment of the land price he […]
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What is a Pondok Wisata?

Bali, the most popular island when it comes to holidays and tourism in Indonesia. Foreigners enjoy the Island of Gods so much – they seek opportunities to not only have a reason to visit for pleasure, but to seek profitable […]
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