Looking and wanting a fantastic lifestyle investment

Wanting to invest your money? Looking to buy property? Well those two ideas are the perfect match, especially if you looking to buy property in Indonesia. Due to the breath taking views and the clear blue oceans, Indonesia is regarded as Asia’s most promising developing markets. 

Often sitting on the beach most Sundays here in beautiful Bali, I can’t say a minute goes by without the next plane coming in for landing. Whether it’s tourists arriving for holidays, investors arriving to invest or locals returning to their beautiful homes. What ever the reason may be, all I know is that more people are coming in as there are people going out and that can only be promising for the property market.

The Property Sector is promised to be one the safest ways to invest your money and the return is rated to be secure and steady and in most cases pretty good to what you will find else where.

However, there are a few things you need to know when you would like to purchase property whether it be land , house or a fantastic lifestyle investment in Indonesia:

There are three Categories when buying property:

  • Right of Use, locally known as Hak Pakai 
  • Right of Ownership (freehold land) or locally known as Hak Milik 
  • Lease Hold known as ( Hak Sewa).

Hak Pakai (Right of Use) – is relevant to Foreigners who wish to own houses or apartments in Indonesia.

As a Foreigner you may purchase Pre Owned properties as long as certain criteria’s are met, such as:

  • 1. Foreigners and their families are limited to owning 1 Property at a time.
  • 2. Land Size may only be a maximum of 2000sqm.
  • 3. Property can be mortgaged in a bank or Indonesian financial Institution.
  • 4. Must Maintain their stay permit visa during their property ownership period.
  • 5. Foreigners may purchase a property with this option in Indonesia for an initial period of 30years, should you wish to extend your lease period on the property,  you may extend it for another 20 years and then it may be renewed for another 30years.

Hak Milik (Right of Ownership) – may only be acquired by an Indonesian citizen.

So if you want to enjoy property market and are interested in investing your money here in Indonesia, why not be more specific and invest it in the Island of Gods known as Bali.

Hak Sewa (Lease Hold) – Which is highly recommend to Foreigners and is the most common way most properties are purchased at Xclusive Property.

(Lease can be purchased in 25 year increments and the lease is registered directly in the foreigners name.)The lease, most of the time will have an extension which can be extended for an extra period depending on the master lease with the land owner.

Xclusive Property prides itself on Customer Service, wealth of knowledge and making sure they find you your dream villa. Take a look at our website www.xpbali.com and chat to our Sales team to find out more.

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