Lord Vishnu and his Garuda, Bali’s biggest statue.

Credit : https://unsplash.com/photos/plG1JwPSTzI

When the pilot starts your descend as your plane starts preparing for landing, the first thing you will notice is a ginormous statue which is built out of brass and copper. This statue is known as the Hindu God Vishnu, whom is placed on the mythical bird Garuda.

This incredible statue is 121m tall and 64m wide. It has taken 25years to complete this statue and cost over $100million. Lord Vishnu’s statue is the 2nd tallest statue in the world. The tallest statue is the Spring Temple Buddha which is situated in China, boasting 128m in height.

Lord Vishnu who is known for being the “preserver” in Hindu Mythology, sits upon the watchful protector and mightiest of all birds – The Garuda.

In Lord Vishnu’s four hands, he holds 4 symbolic objects:

Credit : instagram @gwkbali

The Lotus Flower:

The Lotus Flower symbolizes fertility and creation.

The Conch:

The Conch Represents the “OM” sound, which the Hindus believe it to be the first sound at the beginning of creation.

The Discus:

The Discus represents the Chakra and Mind.

The Mace:

The Mace symbolism is Mental and Physical strength.

Pak Nyoman who is responsible for the build of this gigantic statue, says completing this statue was very important for himself and his family as well as the island, as his biggest concern is the Balinese culture disappearing one day, so he feels that everyone, including himself must keep developing and protecting the islands culture. “Culture is a big thing for our country, our civilization. When we talk of technology, we may not be there yet. When we talk of economy, we may not be there yet either. But when we speak of culture, we can be equal.” Pak Nyoman stated.





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