Top 5 things to do in Bali this month

1. Fitness Fanatics:

fitness fanatics in bali

If you are anything like me, every holiday is planned around and close to a gym. Yes holiday is about relaxing, but a sweat session is important too.

Here are my 3 top gyms to visit and train at when you visit Bali:

Bali MMA:

Bali MMA is situated in the heart of Canggu, which is a very popular area most tourists book into when they visit Bali. Bali MMA is the number 1 MMA gym on the island which offers classes for all levels of fitness and experience. From Muay Thai, BJJ, Wresting to Yoga, they have you covered. They have top level coaches running the Muay Thai Classes, and Black Belts from all over the world joining them for a session, spreading knowledge from all different schools in the world. Definitely worth a pop in or a session to burn off that pizza from last night.

Crossfit Wanderlust:

The Infamous Crossfit Wanderlust is situated right next door to Bali MMA is Canggu, not only do they have top Crossfit athletes from all over the world coming to visit and train there, but some of them even run retreats which you can book and enjoy. Crossfit is one of the best workouts which burns off all those burgers and beers in a session. So make sure to make a turn at Crossfit Wanderlust, oh did I mention their amazing banana flour pancakes and delicious coffee…


Well, you are on holiday. So why not do a workout where you have scenery. 2BEFIT runs specialized  bootcamps on the beach. Challenging you not only physically but mentally too. They have qualified coaches to push you to your limits and help you reach your goals. After your session, what’s a better way to cool off then having a dip in the beautiful ocean, followed by a refreshing coconut. 2BEFIT hosts bootcamps in Canggu, Seminyak and Sanur.

2. Night Life:

We cant dispute the reputation Bali has when it comes to its night life. Bali is always happening, and often has top DJ’s and music artists performing here. Due to the fact that there are so many Clubs to choose from, offering different genres of music, it was hard to name just 3. With the help of Bali by, we picked our 3 from their top 10 clubs.

Sky Garden Rooftop & Lounge:

Sky Garden Rooftop is situated in the heart of Kuta, with not only raving reviews about their DJ’s and music, but their amazing food and drinks such as the Triple Vodka. “With an unbeatable ALL YOU CAN EAT BIG TEXAS BBQ BUFFET, that includes 4 HOURS of Free flow drinks of your choice for only 99k IDR.” Says TripAdvisor. This is definitely a place to see and enjoy at least once when you here in Bali.


Omnia is located on the limestone cliffs in Uluwatu, which has a breathtaking panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. A day club with a vibe which is so addictive, being surrounded by infinity pools, bungalows and pool beds which is accompanied by some of the best tunes played by famous DJ’s from all around the world – where else would you rather be? Also situated in Omnia is a modernized Japanese restaurant, ‘Sake No Hana’. With its flagship being in the center of London, I’m sure it’s food compliments the surroundings perfectly.

La Favela:

La Favela is situated in one of the most popular streets in Seminyak. La Favela is definitely a must. The interior decorations are mind blowing, with ponds and small bridges with semi gardens and artificial waterfalls, it captivates anyone who steps foot past the front door. Gonzalo and Sandra Assiego became fixated with turning this place which was originally a house into the masterpiece it is today.

“For me La Favela is really underground. That is the soul of LA Favela. The party spirit. Yes you have dining in a beautiful place – the garden is beautiful but then its like the inside of a museum that has been made with love from our own search for pieces, to things from our homes and the homes of our friends. We also wanted to recreate the ambience of the underground 90’s party scene.” – Gonzalo and Sandra Assiego.

3. Spirituality:

For those of you who are looking ‘inwards’ and are on a journey to find yourself and heal. Bali is the Island of a thousand Gods, and speaks to your soul on so many different levels. With beautiful temples and incense burning around every corner, add in prayers and meditation, and all the answers you are seeking will surface when you least expect it.

Elephant Cave:

In the heart of Ubud, the Elephant cave was built as a spiritual place for meditation. As you walk down towards the temple, you will be asked to wear appropriate attire such as a sarong, which you can rent at the entrance. Once you head down, you will see a pool with 5 out of 7 Hindu Angels holding vases which are sprouting out water. You can step into this shallow pool, where you can go stand in front of each angel and ask or wish for something.

Once you are finished in the Pool, you can head up the stairs and towards the elephant cave. You may enter the temple where you can meditate and prayer to the respected Hindu Gods. If you are lucky, a Pemangku will bless you after your prayer.

Yoga Retreat:

When we find ourselves feeling lost in life, it often stems from too much stress, lack of self love and feeling overburdened. This is the time we need to center ourself and go deep within. We highly recommend booking into Como Shambhala Estate. At Como Shambhala Estate, you can book and find a package which best suits you. From Yoga teachers, Ayurvedic doctors, dietitians to signature massage therapies and beauty retreats – this a place where you can receive some TLC (tender loving care) and find peace and calmness.

Goa Giri (Nusa Penida):

Goa Giri is situated in Nusa Penida, which is located southeast of Bali. Not only is Nusa Penida known for its crystal blue waters which is popular for day trips that include snorkeling and hiking, but there is also a Large Cave Temple. The Large Cave Temple is found in the village of Suana. You will find the entrance is a narrow opening in rock face. Just before the main shrine in the cave, white marble covers the corners in the temple. In the temple, you will find 6 praying spots. “This includes the preceding stairway up to the Ida Hyang Tri Purusa lan Ganapati shrine at the entrance. The remaining five spots are inside. Visiting pilgrims must go through all of them, consecutively. Visits usually include a holy water purification ritual. Devotees take their seats on the raised marble platforms.”

The Final praying spot is devoted to the Chinese deities known as Guan Yin or The Goddess of Mercy. “This is where a lot of people ask for blessings of better business and prosperity.” As stated by Bali by hotels. Definitely worth the trip we would say.

4. Surfing:

You cannot fly all the way to Bali and not try the surf. Not only is Bali one of the top places to surf, but it’s a great place to learn to surf. There are nearly surf school at every beach you go to, you have to give it a try.


As you know when you search Bali, Uluwatu will always come up somewhere in your search as a recommendation. Uluwatu is very popular for its Surfing, Scenery and Unique temples. Once you have had your fun in the sun and caught those massive waves, there are plenty of massage places to pop into for a quick rub down before you make it back up to the top of the cliff, where you will probable find yourself enjoying sundowners to end off an epic day.

Padang Padang:

As you head through a beautiful hollow rock entrance, which is easily accessible. You will come across a white sandy beach which offers consistent barrels and an average of 4 foot waves and above. Padang Padang is a regular host for international surfing competition such as Rip Curl, therefore we recommend this beach more for intermediate and professional surfers.

Canggu – Pantai Batu Mejan – Echo Beach:

This beach is a black sand beach, and is well kept and is spotlessly clean. This beach is one of the best surf spots in Bali, with a laid back, chilled vibe which is complimented by beautiful sunsets. On top of all of that, there is amazing seafood to fill the gap after a busy day in the ocean. This beach is for intermediate to advanced surfers.

5. Eat:

This was a tough decision to only mention 3 restaurants to try. I can think of at least 10 amazing restaurants to eat at all offering something unique. I absolutely love food, and Bali is definitely spoilt for choice.


Sisterfields being an Australian concept, is found just at the end of Eats Street opposite Seminyak Square. This is a place which is buzzing all day long. Their coffee is definitely up there and is one of the best coffees I have had so far here in Bali. Their breakfasts cater for everyone, but if you are a health conscious bunch, I would recommend their Açaí Berry breakfast bowl. If you are just dropping in for lunch, well their Australian all day Brunch menu should definitely fill the spot.

Murni’s Warung:

If you are looking for the best Indonesian Cuisine, all you have to do is Whisper the word Murni and your driver will know exactly who you are talking about and where to go. The living Legend Murni is in Ubud and is often refereed to as the Mother of Ubud due to the fact that she pioneered tourism in Ubud and is still very active in her restaurant. The great thing about Murnis Warung is, if you would like to stay over and experience ubud a little longer she has a guest house and spa which you can book into. From A le carte menus, healthy menus to vegetarian menus she has something for everyone. To book a reservation to indulge:


Ultimo Italian Restaurant was definitely worth every penny and the 10min wait to get a table. When driving down Eats Street in Seminyak, I often wondered what the hold up was as taxis stop and empty out by the car load in front of this restaurant. Now that I have experienced their delicious food and buzzing restaurants, I will definitely be returning for more. Pizza, pasta, chicken, steak – everything was and is excellent. Give them a try when you visit Bali:

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