Vendor Investment Terms

Bali property Investment in Bali
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Vendor Investment Terms:

Fantastic Opportunity to purchase Luxury Villas in Bali now as Vendors are open to offering Investment Terms.

What are Vendor Investment Terms?

In a nut shell you as the buyer are now able to finance certain properties over a period that you and the vendor feel comfortable with . A deposit will be required and the length of term can be anywhere between 6 months to 60 months.

Payments are either made in monthly , quarterly or bi yearly Installments.

How does it work:

Once you as the buyer have paid your deposit, all the original documents will be released to a notary and held in escrow until the full amount has been paid. A binding agreement is signed by both parties to protect each party so that the deal can be closed, however the actual transfer of the property will only be executed on your final payment.

Should the property be a rental property all rental income may be shared pro rata and linked to the percentage of ownership at the time the return is paid? We have successfully done a few transfer of properties on this basis and they have all been successful.

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