What is a Pondok Wisata?

Bali, the most popular island when it comes to holidays and tourism in Indonesia. Foreigners enjoy the Island of Gods so much – they seek opportunities to not only have a reason to visit for pleasure, but to seek profitable business investments too.

One of the most popular investments expats make here in Bali is Property. Due to the high tourism rate here in Bali – renting out Villas is proving to be a successful business.

However, there are a few things you need to bear in mind when renting your newly bought villa.

You will need to make sure all licenses and documents are in place, this process is normally done during the due diligence process when purchasing your villa.

Due to the fact that you are looking at making returns on your investment by leasing out your property you need to make sure your Pondok Wisata is in place.

A Pondok Wisata is a license that allows you to rent out your residential property as vacation rental property on a villa that holds up to 5 bedrooms. Any property that holds more than 5 bedrooms would require different licenses.

In order to obtain a Pondok Wisata as an Expat you will either need to open a PMA (foreign investment company), or form an agreement with an Indonesian citizen and nominate them as your nominee in order to apply for your Pondok Wisata. The Pondok Wisata will then be held in the nominee’s name.

If you are an Indonesian citizen, you may apply or obtain a Pondok Wisata without forming a company (PMA).

A Pondok Wisata can cost anything up to Rp 50million and can take up to 3months given all your other documents are up to date.

A Pondok Wistata can only be issued in areas that are zooned for tourism.

Should you find yourself wanting to invest somewhere that not only gives you a good return but gives you a holiday too, contact us at Xclusive Property where you are sure to find your dream property lifestyle investment.

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